Education is a lifetime experience. Chartwell has staff that has been with us 15 years, and new staff that are just entering into the world of autism and/or behavior analysis. We offer professional development opportunities to all of our staff. These opportunities range from tuition reimbursement for continuing education to an informal journal club moderated by our clinic director, Dr. Lasserre.

Our Culture

At Chartwell we pride ourselves on a fun environment for our clients, as well as our staff. We also know that a community based on civility, shared decision making, a steady flow of pertinent information, and recognition for our efforts make for a great place to work. With these pillars in place, the focus can be on who we serve at all times.

Great Location

When Tennessee Williams famously wrote, “America has only three cities: New York, San Francisco, and New Orleans. Everywhere else is Cleveland,” he was probably on Magazine Street. Chartwell is at the start of this amazing boulevard that captures the funk and cool of the New Orleans gumbo. Chartwell is a part of this larger community and we’d like for you to add your ingredients too!