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Client’s Rights and Responsibilities

The Chartwell Center is dedicated to helping children, adolescents and adults with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and other developmental disabilities achieve their potential in family, community and school life. We care about the dignity and welfare of all who receive services from us.

Although these rights are written for the client, in most cases they also apply to the client’s parents or legal guardians. Chartwell expects staff, individuals, families and visitors to act in a reasonable and responsible way at all times.

If you have a concern about any of these rights or responsibilities, you may discuss it with the staff involved, the clinic director, or administration. If you are still concerned, you may also speak with the executive director at (504) 899-2478 or Logan@ChartwellCenter.org.



A Client’s Rights:

While you are at the Chartwell Center, you have the right:

  • To always be politely treated by a staff member who knows you.
  • To keep your health information private from strangers.
  • To have safe care that is not needlessly hurtful.
  • To have your care told to you in a way you understand.
  • To use a translator to tell you about your care in a language you understand.
  • To understand your options to make the best choices for your care.


A Parent’s Rights:

As a parent of a child at Chartwell Center, you have the right:

  • To receive a complete copy of your child’s information, including diagnosis (identified medical condition), treatments and prognosis (predicted chance of recovery).
  • To stop, ignore or refuse treatment for your child to the extent it is allowed by law. If you do this, Chartwell Center may stop treating your child.
  • To receive a description of all the services and charges listed on your child’s bill—no matter how you are paying for it.
  • To expect that the Chartwell Center staff talk with you regularly to understand your family’s needs; recognize developmental goals; and understand when a treatment is right for your child’s age.
  • To be involved in your child’s care and use the Chartwell Center resources to understand your child’s condition.
  • To discuss concerns with your child’s staff. If you still have concerns, you can request a meeting with the executive director to discuss them.



As a parent who is dedicated and motivated to assist your child, you have a responsibility:

  • To give the staff your child’s complete, correct medical history and to updated this information with any changes.
  • To follow the treatment plans developed by the Chartwell Center staff.
  • To be responsible for your actions and any effect it may have on your child, if you refuse treatment or do not follow the staff’s directions.
  • To pay for services as soon as possible.
  • To tell your child’s doctor your concerns about the pain involved with a treatment or taking pain medicine, and to develop a pain management plan with the doctor.
  • To be respectful of other children, families and the Chartwell Center staff, including noise, the number of visitors and others’ personal property.